SharePoint hosted App: An overview

My SharePoint hosted App uploaded to Microsoft store available at

This blog explains about my understanding on App model and SP hosted apps.

Microsoft have added advanced hosting mechanisms to SharePoint 2013, which provides necessary platform to host apps.

SharePoint hosting is a fundamental model in this. Provider hosted is little advanced which will be discussed later.

Development environment:

I am not going to delve deep. But Microsoft recommendation is to have 24GB of RAM for typical dev setup. If you are planning to run Search services, at-least 16GB is recommended. I tried running search SSA’s with my 8GB RAM and It was too slow. Finally after a day of trying various resource utilization techniques I uninstalled Search SSA’s.

After installing SharePoint 2013, follow this excellent article by Mariam to set up App domain.

Understanding of SharePoint hosting:

Microsoft realized Apps/App markets are inevitable to future software industry. To support apps the hosting model plays a key role with isolation, security and storage capabilities. To provide isolation SharePoint apps are created as separate Web apps and for each app installation SharePoint creates a new web app.

This design is made possible through Host web & App Web. App Web is a site dedicated to the App artifacts. When the app is deployed with the list or content type provisions, it will be created in these app-webs. And host webs just use IFrame html viewer to see this data.

Thanks to Chris & Doug for providing a clear explanation.

SharePoint hosted APP:

Install Office developer tools Preview 2 to your Visual studio 2012.

1) Create a Developer site collection form central Admin

2) Open VS & select “App for SharePoint 2013” under VS2012 Office/SharePoint -> Apps

3) Now select Dev site created at step-1 and select “SharePoint-hosted” as options

4) Once VS validates the connection to Dev site, a new App Project will be created.

I my next blog we can see an example of this:

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