AutoSPInstaller with #SP2016 on #Win2016 and #SQL2016

Since the release AutoSPInstaller by Brain Lalancette in 2010 , I am an ardent fan of this tool and used it in every other SharePoint deployment.

Not surprisingly AutoSPInstaller for SharePoint 2016 is out immediately after few days of #SP2016 Preview release.

Recently AutoSPinstaller online is release as well to generate the farm configuration file to run this tool.

For more details refer

Recently I had a chance to install SP2016 on Win2016 and SQL 2016. AutoSpInstaller worked fine without any glitch and I was able to configure a single server farm in 4-5 hrs on Azure.

Here are the steps:

  1. Launch a VM using Win Server 2016 Technical preview 3 base image or install it on a Local VM2016_image_select
  2. Provision E:\ and F:\ for SQL and Logs
  3. Join the server to a domain
  4. Fully functional SharePoint install requires atleast 9 service accounts. Below PowerShell script can be used to automate Service account creation and to configure “No password expiry” policies. Update the CSV file with required values: Create-ADUsers.ps1
  5. Add replicating directory changes permission to spprofilesync account
  6. Though SharePoint adds required firewall ports during setup, I used the below scripts to add required firewall ports in advance
    1. Create-FWRulesDB.ps1
    2. Create-FWRulesWFE.ps1
  7. Download and Install SQL server 2016 preview from Use SQLService accounts created in step 3 while configuring SQL services
  8. Pre configure app domain using
  9. Download AutoSPSourcebuilder from and unzip in the same drive
  10. Download AutoSPInstaller from and unzip in the same drive 
  11. Download #SP2016 preview from and mount it as 

    MOUNT-DISKIMAGE C:\ISO\SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview.ISO

  12. Now navigate to AutoSPSourceBuilder  and run PS F:\AutoSPSourceBuilder> .\AutoSPSourceBuilder.ps1 -GetPrerequisites:$true  -Destination “F:\AutoSPInstaller\SP\2016”   to create SlipStreamed version of #SP2016


  13. Now prepare AutoSPInstallerInput.xml for SharePoint 2016. Its highly recommended use  to generate this config today. But as of today (09/03/2016) online    tool to generate config file for SP2016 is not supported. Only notable difference wrt to AutoSPInstaller between #SP2013 and #SP2016 is the introduction MinRoles to simplify the deployment and scaling. For more details refer
  14. Select <SingleServerFarm Provision=”true” /> for single server farm setup. Attached is the sample Config file for SP2016 for your reference. AutoSpInstallerInput.xml minroles
  15. Now run the .\AutoSPInstallerLaunch.bat. Installation will be a breeze.